Seth Wilson Design, Motion, Illustration

My Work:

I am a designer, developer, artist and educator. I work in a variety of media to
create compelling and immersive content for my clients and provide
solutions for projects large and small.

Origin Story

My name is Seth Wilson and I work with digital media after being struck by a meteorite in the late 80's. My powers grew as I studied multimedia communications in the heart of Silicon Valley. Since then I have been working in development and visual communications for over two decades for clients large and small.

I offer services in branding development, print design, illustration, motion graphics and 3D animation. I enjoy working with my clients and telling their stories in a variety of styles and media.

I am currently available for remote contract work only.

I have been working in education since 2009, and currently hold a designated subjects teaching credential in the arts, media and entertainment (AME) pathway. I am currently teaching graphic design, digital photography, video production, animation and web design. I can tutor individuals or instruct groups and develop curriculum.

Additionally, I am seeking partners in all industries related to design, tech, entertainment, digital media and development to share insight with my students and help guide our program development. Contact me for details on my yearly advisory panel.